ETC  Membership

 1                    ETC (Eastern Telecommunication Club) Service

By joining the ETC Club free of charge, members will be able to enjoy low rates and quality service with connection to over 200 countries.  There are NO surcharge or hidden charges.  A monthly fee of $1 will be charged if the paper bill is desired.  You may also register for free online billing.  We use fiber-optic networks with clear, static-free, echo-free qualities, supporting fax transmit with speed and satisfaction.  ETC member enjoys the following low rates in 365 days / 24 hours:







Any time, any place



Cellular Phone: $0.138

Hong Kong


Cellular Phone: $0.059



(Within US 48 Continents)




                       (Prices are subject to change without notice)

2                    Bill Calculation

Your first minute will be a minimum of 1-minute calculation.  Thereafter, it will be calculated based on an increment of 6 seconds per unit.  Your invoice will be sent to you monthly.  In case of a dispute in your monthly bill, you should contact the Customer Service Department to resolve the issue within 30 days.  If the dispute is agreeable by EASCOM, the refund will appear as a credit in the next billing cycle.  All payment must be received by EASCOM before our posted due date to avoid a late penalty charge of 1.5% interest.


3       3.        How to use our service

Currently, you may only use our services within 48 contiguous states of the United States.  Off-shore regions including Hawaii, Alaska, Guam etc. will be available in the near future.  Calls from Canada is not available.  Method as follows:

     If at home,  dial 1-800-366-9398

               If at any other phone dial 1-888-898-9991 and pre-assigned 8 digit pass code

               For international call, enter 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number

               For interstate call, enter 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number


4.              Payphone Surcharge

A surcharge of $0.55 will be charged for every 800 or 888 number dialed from a public payphone, regardless if the destination call number is connected or not.


For any question, please call  (888) 388-9838.